Tramp Oil Separators


Automatic Self-Cleaning Coalescing Oil-Water Separators

The Best Oil-Water Separator Available

Fatboy Oil Removal System

10-15 GPM With a Single Unit

High Concentrations of Oil – The FATBOY will handle an accidental ingress of 100% oil or fuel.

Effective Cleaning – The FATBOY can clean itself of settled solids, chips and fines as well as oil and grease.

Efficient Removal of Suspended Solids – The suspended solids are encapsulated by oils and rise to the top of the separator for discharge with the oil.

Remove, Recover And Recycle

Fluid Applications

  • Blank Washers
  • Coil Washores
  • Machine Tool Coolant
  • Marine & Bilge
  • Metal Stamping
  • Oil Spill Recovery
  • Parts Washer
  • Process Water
  • Quench Oil Systems
  • Restaurant FOG
  • Steel Mill Water
  • Steel Treating
  • Wash-Down Pits
  • Wastewater

Tramp Oil

Oily Water In

Oil-Water Separator

Cleaned Water Out

Washer Oil Removal System

Fatboy Automated Cone Assembly with over 85 square feet of surface area.
Oil Removal System
Floating Skimmer Our level seeking skimmer heads are designed with a triple weir for taking a deep cut of the floating oils