Filtration Services

We offer full service including on-site servicing, rebuilding, refurbishing and replacement parts for your Coopermatics filtration system. If you are having problems with your filters please call us. Many times the problems can be resolved on the telephone and at no charge to the customer. We have more experience with the flex tube filters than anyone in the world. We can usually restore your equipment to achieve the optimum performance it originally had when new.

After an evaluation of your system and equipment we will be able to assist you to obtaining the maximum performance and efficiencies.

  • Increase performance of the filter system
  • Increase production efficiency
  • Energy reduction
  • Labor reduction
  • Overall cost reduction

Sludge Deliquefying Systems

Full Volume & Short Version
Dry Cake Discharge
Disposal or Recovery


HMI Color Touch Screen with data logging & Ethernet capabilities complete with air conditioned enclosure and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to throttle the filter flow.


System Design

Custom System Design – System Expansion – New Projects

Custom Filtration System Design
Custom Filtration System Design

Industrial Water Systems

DAF Separation with Regenerative DE Filtration


Custom Bag Filter Skids

Multi-Bag Vessels – Duplex Units


Custom Fabrications

Custom Fabrication
Custom Fabrications