Biodiesel Filtration Systems

biodiosel filter system samples

Proven Performance

Our success with filtering and polishing biodiesel has not been duplicated. We can process small batches to tank volumes exceeding 30,000 gallons at a time.

The cold flow properties of your biodiesel will be greatly improved. Your product will meet and exceed the present and future ASTM specifications for biodiesel.

  • Cloud Point ASTM D 2500-11
  • Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP)
  • ASTM D6371-05 (2010)
  • Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT) ASTM D7501-12

Regenerative Filtration

The unique design of our filter elements allow us to utilize a regeneration cycle to reuse the filter media repeatedly until the entire depth of the filter cake is saturated with contaminates.

  • No backwashing
  • Continuous filtration
  • Extended filter cycles
  • More gallons filtered per charge filter media
  • Maximize the use of your precoat, filter aids & adsorbents
  • Eliminate body feeding
  • Less disposal & yield loss
biodiesel filter systems samples post filtration

Complete Engineered Biodiesel Filtration Systems

Filter Technology offers the highest clarity, performance and cost effectiveness of any filtration available on the market today. We have applied our experience in filtration to achieve successful solutions to problems where others have failed.

Optimize your Process
Our systems are able to remove or reduce the contaminates from FAME that keeps your product from meeting ASTM & EN standards.

Quick & Efficient Cleaning
Down-time is reduced to a minimum. It is unnecessary to open our filters to spray or scrape them clean therefore the off-time of our equipment is kept to a minimum.

Due to the unique design of our filter elements blinding is practically impossible while supplying the largest amount of filter area available.

Cold Filter Plug Point

Biodiesel Filters Cloud Point
Biodiesel Filtration System

Total System Approach

Filters & Sludge Recievers – Properly size High Performance Regen Filters & Deliquefing Sludge Receivers

VFD Pumping Systems – Energy saving variable frequency drives on clean pumping systems and filter pump.

Controls – Full color HMI touch screens, data logging Ethernet capable.

Tanks – Process & Surge Tanks.

Temperature Control – Refrigerant & Chill Water Systems.

Dry Cake Discharge

  • Easy disposal of spent filter sludge
  • Reduce cost associated with disposal
  • Reduce yield loss to a minimum
  • Recover residual FAME and soaps from sludge

Biodiesel dry cake discharge
Biodiesel dry cake

biodiesel filtration testing unit

Small scale in-plant testing filtration units are available on monthly lease basis. Contact us for additional information and details.